Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Teamwork Experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Teamwork Experience - Essay Example We developed a clear insight into the project in the first meeting and decided to analyze the case from our individual’s perspectives the results of which were discussed in the second meeting. The proceedings of the meeting were recorded by my partner and each of us received a copy. Though effective results were achieved due to the well organized meetings the teamwork did have its share of miscommunications. A meeting was cancelled as one of us failed to check the email informing the date and time of the meeting and conflicts arose due to our differential views about the case. For instance, my understanding of the case was that all the possible communication problems needs to be identified while my partner was for discovering only one particular communication problem and finding a solution. A compromise was achieved after various viewpoints and arguments were discussed. It was decided to list all the potential problems and to consult with the professor for a final decision. Our team work did suffer slightly due to this misinterpretation of our team goals. It was also decided that my partner would present the communication problems while I would focus on the possible solutions and the implementation plan of the case study. I conclude that it was a very effective teamwork and a good learning experience where tasks were distributed equally amongst us. The teamwork experience was enlightening and I am very sure that this would help me to act professionally whenever I am confronted with a similar situation in the

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